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What To Look For In A Professional Roofing Contractor (PT 2)

October 21, 2020
TriVAN Roofing

Let’s continue to look at some of the questions you can and should ask potential roofing contractors before you give them your hard-earned money.

1.What type of products do they use in roofing? As mentioned in our last blog, competent roofers should easily be able to answer any queries on detail of services and explain to you, in layman’s terms, what you need to know. TriVAN not only uses the most advanced products the industry has to offer but also frequently attends training to learn about the new developments and application techniques coming out of the manufacturers

2. How soon can they complete the work? Timeframe should be established in the beginning of a project, not the end. If the work is not finished as schedule, does the contractor gives a discount? TriVAN is usually selected because of how time sensitive we are. You will know where we are on the progress of your work at every interval from contact to completion.

3. What time do they usually begin working? Like the estimated date of project completion, you must also be very clear with the working hours. If you do not want to be awakened at 6 am by the sound of pounding on your roof, communicate it with the contractor. TriVAN is flexible and can work around your schedule or any weather surprised.

4. How much is the cost of replacing the roof? A good contractor does not just provide you with the total cost of repair. They should present you a detailed description of the products and cost of those and labor. They should clearly break down the details, provide you with product samples, and literature from the specific product samples. TriVAN has a systematic process that is fast and accurate for proposals. We will not only show you how you can save money but also show you how minor additions can save you money on your electric bills.

5. Can you ask for references from previous jobs? Feedback is very important when choosing a contractor. You may choose to ask for a list of recent customers, complete with names and phone numbers, from the past 12 months. You do not need to call each, just randomly pick a contact or two. When you call them, ask about the contractor’s job performance, responsiveness to information asked, quality of work, and any specific questions that can help in your decision. TriVAN is proud of our history of hard work and customer satisfaction. After each job, we ask for honest testimonials of our job to always self improve. And we’re happy to pay our clients if their referrals lead to new, satisfied clients.

6. How long is the company’s workmanship warranty? Some warranties are for a year, some are longer. Make sure to have a copy of the said warranty. TriVAN has a colorful warranty program that is extended through us from GAF. Let us show you how we can cover all of your roofing needs worry free.

7. How do they handle problems and complaints? You may want to ask for a specific situation and have the contractor explain how they handled it. You may want to request a referral from a job that involved a complaint. You can research in your local licensing departments if the said contractor has disputes, suspended licenses, or other related issues. If you discover something from that research, ask the contractor how they were able to resolve it. TriVAN is here to assist you in every part of your roofing issues. If you ever have a concern on your TriVAN Roof, we urge you to call us immediately. We expect to exceed your expectations but we want to know if we haven’t, so we can make things right.

Call us at 877-487-4826 for any of your roofing needs, you’re not in this alone!

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