Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs

March 19, 2021
TriVAN Roofing

At TriVAN we offer preventative roof maintenance programs for roofs we’ve installed and also those we haven’t. We regularly get questions about whether roof maintenance agreements are a solid investment or an unnecessary expense. Some think their warranty is the only protection their roof needs. That couldn’t be further from the truth, every roof needs to be managed and maintained to maximize its ROI. For many roofs, scheduled maintenance is necessary to not void the warranty. And in most cases, regular inspections will extend the life of a roof well past its initial warranty.  

Think of regular inspections as an oil change for your roof. A large, one time purchase needs follow through to ensure that investment pays off. Much like doing nothing to service your car, doing nothing to identify and address issues on your roof only serves to accelerate the damage done and the future costs incurred. Keep in mind-

-over 80% of roofs fail prematurely

-regularly scheduled maintenance can cost 1-2% of the total cost of roof replacement

-preventative roof maintenance program can save your company up to 50% over a roof’s 30-year life span

Thinking of a roof as just a one-time cost is the best way to guarantee you’ll be repeating that one-time cost at a much greater frequency than others. Roof maintenance extends the life of your roof and that durability saves you money in the long run. Regular roof inspections also provide a timely and accurate detailing of the integrity of a roof, which is the best way to shore up any future insurance hassle.

A TriVAN roof maintenance agreement includes a detailed, twice yearly (NRCA recommended) inspection that identifies current problems and vulnerabilities likely to become problems down the road. TriVAN’s comprehensive reports represent a professional’s consultation, giving your business the ability to pinpoint trouble spots and the actional solutions to them.

Identify issues before they lead to catastrophe with TriVAN’s preventative roof maintenance program. To learn more, give us a call today! 877-487-4826

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