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FM Global Insurance-What Is It?

June 25, 2023
TriVAN Roofing

What does it mean to have a roof that is FM insured?

FM Global is a large scale commercial property insurer built on the idea that most losses can be prevented. To that end, qualifying for and retaining FM Global Insurance requires higher standards in building materials and practices. FM Global historically has insured large, mostly coastal companies because of extreme wind events like hurricanes. But as insurers across the board increase their severe hail ratings, FM is finding more applicability in areas where hail is frequent. FM Global’s strict requirements aim to codify roofing standards, and those standards are tested by FM Approvals.

FM Approvals is the third party, independent testing division of FM Global and is a leader in certification and approval of roof assemblies. An FM Approval test evaluates all the components of a roof and the overall system’s performance. An FM Approvals test includes:

The test is just one phase of the process. A report is built off the findings of the test and is then reviewed for technical accuracy. Once certified, that roof is listed in the Approval Guide, an online resource of FM Approvals. It is also given a RoofNav number, and entered into the corresponding web-based software. RoofNav is a one stop shop for the latest install recommendations, ratings calculators, and more. Listing each specific roof with a unique RoofNav number gives the building owner security in knowing their roof has been tested and certified to the strictest industry standards. This process does add a little time to the planning/install phase so it’s best to plan accordingly. Insurers other than FM Global are starting to adopt FM Approvals testing and standards because it is an excellent way to to prevent financial loss and maximize building safety.

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