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A Quick Word On Energy Efficiency

July 14, 2020
TriVAN Roofing

“Americans spend about $40 billion annually to air condition buildings – sixth of all electricity generated in this country.” – Energy Star

When deciding which roofing system is best for you or your business, there are many details that factor into the decision making process. From upfront costs to warranty coverage to the specific needs of your building. One area we feel can get overlooked is energy efficiency. We understand energy efficiency plays a part in our utility bills and consider it when buying a car or an A/C unit, but not always with our choice of roof.

Heatwaves are currently affecting large swaths of the country and the desire for cooling technology is more important now than ever before. The makeup of a building’s “envelope” (the parts that form a thermal barrier between the interior and exterior) plays a large part in calculating utility bills. What may have been a cheaper roofing option at first can suddenly become financially debilitating over the long run if cooling efficiency is not taken into consideration.

Reflectivity is a big factor in determining the temperature inside your home or building, and thus your A/C usage. Darker colored roofs absorb the sun’s rays, heating your building and making you run for the thermostat. At TriVAN we use Duro-Last membranes that are white on both sides and reflect up to 88% of the sun’s emittance.

These membranes are easily put on existing roofs, as they can be installed over a variety of substrates. They’re easy to add on to if you want to further maximize your energy efficiency by installing solar panels. And they’re easy to tear down with Duro-Last’s “Roof Recycle Program”, eliminating landfill waste.

With sustainability in mind from start to finish, let us at TriVAN install a roof that’ll work for you and our planet.

Call us at 877-487-4826 for any of your roofing needs, you’re not in this alone!

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