Wise County Historic Building

Wise County Historic Building

Built in 1937, this building had challenges to overlay at three roof areas in between neighbors attached buildings, and flash in edge metal details into fragile and uneven brick parapet walls.

• Duro-Last® 50 Mil single-ply PVC membrane, mechanically attached overlay of existing roof

• Duro-Guard® 1/2″ fan-fold base layer with ISO II closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core insulation board

• Duro-Last® prefabricated custom scuppers

• Duro-Last® prefabricated stack and curb flashing

• Exceptional Metals® “Medium Bronze” 2-Piece – 4″ Compression Fascia Detail and 4″ Fascia Metal Edge Details

• Exceptional Metals® Downspouts, custom Conductor Heads and Scuppers with drainage crickets and ISO tapering

• All above covered by the 15-Year Duro-Last® Consequential Damage, No Dollar Limit, No Deductible Warranty

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