Right Space Storage

Right Space Storage

As many metal roof storage facilities go, they are weak and leak. It is costly and disruptive to remove and replace these metal roofs. TriVAN Roofing provides a flute fill, membrane overlay roof system that encapsulates the existing metal roof and provides the best warranty, from the best roof system manufacturer.

• Duro-Last® 40 Mil single-ply PVC membrane, mechanically attached overlay

• Duro-Guard® DensDeck 1/4” coverboard for spanability and provides a Class 4 Hail Impact rating

• Mechanically attached 1 layer of 1.5” EPS Flute filler insulation

• Duro-Last® prefabricated stack and curb flashing

• Install one piece of 2” x 6“ wood blocking in the flutes of the existing metal roof panels at all gutter locations to allow for proper attachment of termination bar

• Cut existing metal roof panels at all gutter locations as needed to allow for proper roof drainage and termination bar installation

• All above covered by the 15-Year Duro-Last® Consequential Damage, No Dollar Limit, No Deductible Warranty

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