LW's Towing - Frisco

LW's Towing - Frisco

An existing Frisco building with an R-panel roof that always leaked. Installed a flute fill overlay Duro-Last system with membrane to permanently prevent water intrusion.

• Duro-Last® 50 Mil single-ply PVC membrane, mechanically attached flute filled overlay

• EPS custom sized taper flute fill

• Duro-Guard DensDeck Prime 1/2”®  cover board

• Duro-Last® prefabricated stack and curb flashing

• Exceptional Metals® “Terra Cotta” 2-Piece – 4″ Compression Fascia Detail and 1-3/4″ Fascia Detail

• All above covered by the 15-Year Duro-Last® Consequential Damage, No Dollar Limit, No Deductible Warranty

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